Do you need to get your course on camera ASAP? Do you need to look as professional as possible? Are you struggling with where to shoot it? Could you use a professional producer with years of experience help you? If you answered YES, well this course is for you!
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About This Product:

Are you stuck launching your course because you don't know where to start when it comes to shooting the videos? 

 If you are not where you thought you would be at this point, I am here to help! 

In this short and easy video, I will explain and show you everything you need (besides a camera) to create your own professional looking video recording studio.  
Plus I have included a shopping list with a list (and links) to all the things you will need to create this professional studio without breaking the bank. 
Listen, I know that whatever the reason is that you need to be on camera is important. The training you have to give is inspirational. The course you’re going to offer is transformational. The gadget you sell makes life easier.

But to serve you must show up. On Camera. 

Don’t create a great course only to have it live in your mind. Don’t let that inspiration get stuck in your computer. 

Get on camera and share it with the world. Video is the absolute best way for your customers to get to know, trust and like you, and ultimately buy whatever it is you are selling.
I'm an Emmy nominated host and producer with over two decades of experience. I've worked with CEO's, politicians and stay at home moms.  With 20+ years working in television, I know a thing or two about the roadblocks that block us from getting on camera and not having a professional place to shoot is A MAJOR ONE!  But over the years, especially the COVID ones, I developed a few tips and tricks to creating a plug-and-play studio.
There is A LOT when it comes to setting up a studio - but don't get overwhelmed. I got you!! 

When Covid hit I helped countless people set up their home studios and get into broadcasting shape. I have figured out how to easily dial in a plug-in-play system that will work for you. With today's modern technology you don't need a fancy studio, expensive cameras, lights and teleprompters. I can tell you what to buy, where to buy it and can do it on a super tight budget.

Plus you will have access to the Broadcast Like a Badass exclusive Facebook community where you can test you material and get feedback from a fun, safe and supportive community.  Honestly it is the absolute best place on the internet. 
If you get no value out of this training, I will happily refund your money with in 14 days. 

So if you are struggling to get your course on camera - the struggle ends here. Click that blue button and lets get started. 

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How to Set up Your Video Recording Studio
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Tina Taylor
Mar 09, 2023
I loved this course and now feel much more confident about setting up my own in-home studio. I am looking forward to implementing what I learned from Jessica York so that I will have the ability to create higher-quality videos in the very near future!
Jessica York

I'm Jessica York, Head Badass at Broadcast Like a Badass. I am also an Emmy nominated host, producer and enthusiastic Manifesting Maven. If you need to get you or your course on camera in a professional, magnetic and charismatic way, let's connect.
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As a seasoned television host, producer and media coach with an extensive background in emceeing live events and one on one celebrity interviews, I have had to battle nerves and anxiety at every turn. And although it took a few years and have created some exceptional blooper reels, I finally won the battle over my nerves and anxiety. I took my stress and future career success into my own hands to find ways to become confident and charismatic on camera regardless of the circumstances. My research and work turned into helping others do the same. 
And now I get to share that with the world, starting with you! 
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