Broadcast like a Badass 30 Day Kickstarter - easily get on camera without nerves or overwhelm

A 30-day immersion and implementation program designed to get you (and your course material) on camera in a fun, supportive and easy challenge
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About This Product:

Does the thought of going on camera send you straight into a panic attack but in this digital age, you can't avoid it?
Do you know you have great information to share but the fear of being on camera is holding you back from sharing it? If this is you, I’d love to help.

Well don’t you worry, I have a tried, tested and true way to reduce your anxiety and make going on camera fun, easy and effective.

I'm Jessica York and I have more than 20 years of experience as an Emmy nominated television host and producer. I have dealt with nerves, perfectionism and imposters syndrome my entire career.

When I started in television, I would sweat through my clothes before every broadcast. I'd get cotton mouth while on live TV, my mind would go blank just as the red light turned on. 

But over the years I developed a few tips and tricks to overcome my nerves and make going on camera fun and easy.

I've also been a personal trainer since I was 18 and I know that you can't run a marathon without training. The same goes for being on camera. You can't expect to be good at it if you don't train.

That is why I have put together a self-paced 4 week/30 day broadcasting challenge.  In one month you will gain the tools and experience to become less nervous on camera and create a routine that makes going on camera easy.

Along with daily insights and exercises you get through the challenge, each week in our private Facebook group, I will go live with tips, tricks and methodology designed to help you build your broadcasting muscles. 
PLUS, and this is a HUGE PLUS -you'll get real-time feedback on your videos in the Facebook group from a safe and supportive community.

Throughout the 30-days we will be building muscle memory and momentum. By then end of 4 weeks you will be well on your way to getting your course on camera if not already there!  

You are going to need to shoot these videos somewhere -  over the 30 days I will help you set up a plug-and-play studio that will give you a professional edge over your competitors. 

This is a self paced course made with the busy person in mind. You will have access to all the training right away so you can go as fast or as slow as you want, but the course was designed to be done daily, in easy micro steps.
Each day you will learn a quick tip and then I give you a video suggestion to get on camera so it takes all the guess work out of "what am I going to say on camera". And all of those suggestions are designed to get you usable content for your course and marketing.
Listen, I know that the training you have to give is inspirational. The course you’re going to offer is transformational. The gadget you sell makes life easier. But to serve you must show up and deliver.  And yes, that means YOU talking on camera!

Our world is more virtual than ever. Video is the absolute best way for your customers to get to know, trust and like you, and ultimately buy whatever it is you are selling.

Don’t create a great course only to have it live in your mind. Don’t let that inspiration get stuck in your computer. Get on camera and share it with the world.

Over the next 4 weeks you will learn: 
  • How to push past perfectionism, imposters syndrome and procrastination 
  • How to overcome nerves and feelings of anxiety
  • How to set up good on-camera locations 
  • What tech you need to set up your own plug-and-play studio
  • How to get your information out of your mind and on camera
  • How to broadcast and powerfully connect with your audience
  • How to define and refine your on-air personality 

I know 30 days sounds like a lot. This course is designed to be fast, effective and immersive. The lessons are quick and set you up to put your self on camera in a fun, supportive environment - EVERY DAY!  


You may be thinking, “I’ll never be good on camera. I’m just not that kind of person”. I call BS. I have worked with hundreds of self-proclaimed camera-shy professionals who all were shocked an awed their a Badass Broadcasting skills. Because that is just what it is - A SKILL! And I am just the person to teach it to you! 


By the time you are done with this course, going on camera won't be a mystery. You will have gained on-camera MASTERY!  CAMfidence if you will.


You will HAVE THE SKILLS, knowledge and the camfidence to push record. 


Our private Facebook group provides the safe and supportive space for you to test your broadcasting skills. 

PLUS, and again, this is a HUGE PLUS, you will get supportive feedback from me and the rest of the Broadcasting Badasses EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. 

To say this is an unfair advantage is an understatement.

Seriously, the Facebook group is magic and worth the price of admission in itself.

If you are ready to ditch the shackles of nerves and shyness and start enjoying the freedom of sharing your message with confidence and ease, then click the blue button. 
Stop dragging your feet about shooting the videos you NEED for your online course. You have done so much work. Don't let your course die without ever giving it a chance to live. 

Imagine, in just one month you could be armed with the mindset, tools and experience you need to get your course DONE! 



There is massive opportunity in the self education industry - but most of it happens when someone teaches ON CAMERA. Don't miss this opportunity.  If you show up professionally and powerfully to teach and market your course on camera, you have a huge unfair advantage that could allow you to take your business to the next level, serve more people, spread your word.
But opportunity won't change your life. Only ACTION will... 
So it's time to take action right now and become a Broadcasting Badass! 



I’m not asking you to decide yes or no right now, I am asking you to make a fully-informed decision. But the only way you can make a fully informed decision is to actually experience the program, you have to feel the support of the group,  you need to experience my high touch style of coaching - meaning lots of personalized feedback. So get in the challenge - go live in the group. Give it 14 days of watching the short videos and doing the easy assignments, see if everything on this sales page is true.  If it is, great then that’s when you can decide to keep it. If not, no hard feelings, simply email and we will cheerfully refund your money back. Seriously.


You see, you can’t make the decision right now because, similar to buying a car, you don't really know what you are dealing with until you take it for a test drive. And know this … weather it’s 14 minutes from now or 14 days from now, if you are not happy, I am not happy. If you want your money back, you can get it. Becuse if you are not happy, i don’t want your money. So truly you have nothing to lose. 


Due to the high touch nature of this course, spots are very limited. If this month is sold out, please email us at info@braodcastlikeabadass to get on the waiting list for next month's challenge.

So don't delay! CLICK the button below and save your spot before you miss another day you could have made a sale with your course!!! 
See you inside... 
Still not convinced? 
See what Do Others Have To Say About Learning From Jessica? 

Check out the *real customer* reviews below!  

PS - Payment plan options are available. We can get VERY creative and also don't charge you an arm an a leg for the extra breathing room. Just email us at and lets see how creative we can get! 

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Program Details

Day 1 - Who do you think you are?
Available Now
Day 2 - Mindset
Available Now
Day 3 - Location! Location! Location!
Available Now
Day 4 - How to do this Challenge Effectively
Available Now
Day 5 - Fight, Flight or Freeze. How to handle your nerves!
Available Now
Day 6 - Three takes to less stressful shoots
Available Now
Day 7 - Do the scary things
Available Now

Day 8 - I get to do this!
Available Now
Day 9 - Tackle those primal nerves
Available Now
Day 10 - Keep it simple, get on camera and add value
Available Now
Day 11 - Who are you talking to?
Available Now
Day 12 - Challenge check in
Available Now
Day 13 - Imposter Syndrome
Available Now
Day 14 - Visualize it going well
Available Now

Day 15 - Cheers to better videos. What and when you drink matters.
Available Now
Day 16 - Create a plug-and-play studio
Available Now
Day 17 - Data Storage
Available Now
Day 18 - How to get your words from your brain on to camera
Available Now
Day 19 - Eye contact
Available Now
Day 20 - Shot Composition
Available Now
Day 21 - Filters
Available Now

Day 22 - Studio lighting with glasses
Available Now
Day 23 - Outside Light
Available Now
Day 24 - The Almighty WiiFM
Available Now
Day 25 - Wind
Available Now
Day 26 - Judgements and Bullies
Available Now
Day 27 - What to share
Available Now
28 - Editing
Available Now
Day 29 - Progress over perfection!
Available Now
Day 30! Congratulations! You did it!!
Available Now

What Do People Think About This Program?


Satie Narain-Simon
Aug 30, 2022
Just AMAZING! Grateful for making the decision to take Jessica's course.  Her experience and knowledge are immense, and her deliverance is superb!!  My confidence in being in front of the camera, and doing live videos skyrocketed. The time and effort spent on each student, and her care, are just incredible!  
Caroline Job
Oct 29, 2022
if you are feeling shy on camera but know you have to do it, you have to get comfortable and you want someone to help get you there, then Jessica is the one! Borrow all her confidence and charisma! Model what she does and you will be amazed how quickly you progress! how quickly you get comfortable! All it takes is the first step to start. Then you just need to keep going. Jessica will keep you accountable and encourage you when the going gets tough and help brainstorm and find a way to get it done! Highly recommended!
Treena Keetley
Aug 06, 2022
Jessica York’s program has taken me from being terrified to press record/go live to having the confidence and tools needed to deliver my message to my audience that need me. Treena
Bridie Ridsdale
Jul 31, 2022
Jessica's course is simply Amazing! She is a total pro & walks you through every single step of how to get on video & all the expert tips you could ever want to know! This course is super well thought out, very doable & very impressive... All I had hoped for and SO much more! 
Dana Marzano
Sep 02, 2022
Jesssica is passionate and knowledgeable about teaching her students to get on camera. She goes above and beyond to offer her time and resources to help you excel. This course is worth the investment and would recommend to anyone struggling to record/film their course. Her facebook group alone is a wealth of knowledge.
Tina Rowhanian
Aug 29, 2022
The decision to participate in this course was INCREDIBLY valuable, I am so happy I found Jessica. Within 20 days of the course I went from terrified and NOT camera ready - at all - to confident and comfortable in almost any  environment. I literally never thought I would ever do a Facebook or Instagram live, and now I do them every day. This  course helped me to set up a super professional studio, and I am now very proud of my videos. Thank you!
Wen Mcnally
Jan 02, 2023
Fear of public speaking and being on camera has been something that has held me back from reaching for and achieving many of my personal and professional goals. Jessica has created a safe space to exercise by getting me on camera every day. No other course or program has helped me more than hers to break through the nerves and fear of getting on camera. I will be launching my mastermind courses within days all thanks to Jessica and her programs!! 
Tina Taylor
Jun 30, 2023
This is hands down the VERY BEST course that I have ever invested in! The personal transformation that I have experienced from Jessica York’s 30-Day curriculum is beyond words. Not only have I become more confident in front of the camera, but this newfound confidence has also poured over into so many other aspects of my life as well. I AM NOT the same person that I was 30 days ago. This course provides easy-to-digest daily assignments that will help anyone improve their broadcasting skills, but perhaps even more importantly, students of this course will also have access to Jessica’s guidance, mentorship, and unwavering support that will help them stay on track for the entire 30-day journey. Thank you for changing my life for the better, Jessica! I will be forever grateful! Tina Taylor
Michelle Murphy
Jun 30, 2023
This course is amazing, the confidence I have gained by going on camera everyday is making a big difference. It’s not scary thinking about making my own course now, this course provides everything you need to get on camera. Highly recommend
Sylvie Gbeteh Jensen
Apr 03, 2023
This course deserves more than 5 stars. Jessica York is a Wonderful Mentor and Teacher! She has a way to make you feel at ease on camera. The instructions are really easy to follow! I love the Community she has created! We all feel loved and cheered on in the Facebook Group. Jessica will personally check on you to make sure you have everything you need to succeed! Thank you Jessica for putting this course together for people like me who were afraid to be on camera! Merci infiniment!
Jessica York

I'm Jessica York, Head Badass at Broadcast Like a Badass. I am also an Emmy nominated host, producer and enthusiastic Manifesting Maven. If you need to get you or your course on camera in a professional, magnetic and charismatic way, let's connect.
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As a seasoned television host, producer and media coach with an extensive background in emceeing live events and one on one celebrity interviews, I have had to battle nerves and anxiety at every turn. And although it took a few years and have created some exceptional blooper reels, I finally won the battle over my nerves and anxiety. I took my stress and future career success into my own hands to find ways to become confident and charismatic on camera regardless of the circumstances. My research and work turned into helping others do the same. 
And now I get to share that with the world, starting with you! 
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